semper2In order to keep Chris’ memory alive, our family started the Cpl Christopher G. Scherer Semper Fi Fund (CCGSSF).

We began with two missions in mind. First to aid our active military and second give back to the community of Northport-East Northport through student scholarships and to support youth and educational programs whose mission is to instill in our  youth the values of honor, courage, commitment, loyalty and teamwork, all traits that Chris exemplified while serving the country in the United States Marine Corps.

Our primary goal in aiding the military was to “make one minute of one day better” for those serving in harm’s way. Due to the extreme generosity of donors we have been able to expand our mission to aid our returning veterans, some of whom suffer from catastrophic injuries and PTSD. It is now our wish to “make every day better” for those who served our country.